Criminal Liability of Directors in India: Unveiling the Legal Labyrinth

This blog post is written by Ms. Afreen El Siddique, Chief Legal Officer, Skyline City Construction LLP. She pursued Companies Act, 2013 & SEBI Law Course from Bettering Results (BR).  Criminal Liability of Directors in India: Unveiling the Legal Labyrinth 1. Introduction In the dynamic world of corporate governance, directors hold a position of immense responsibility. … Read more

Debt Securities and their Issuance

The term “bond market” refers to all debt securities, trades and issuance, and it is also used interchangeably with the terms “debt market,” “fixed-income market,” and “credit market.” The bond market serves as a platform for investors to buy and sell bonds, which are essentially loans made by investors to borrowers. The bond market serves … Read more

IP Assignment Agreement and Key Clauses 

Introduction In today’s fast-paced and innovation-driven world, intellectual property (IP) is a valuable asset for individuals and businesses alike. IP assignment means when one party, often referred to as the “assignor” or “licensor,” transfers their rights and ownership of intellectual property to another party, known as the “assignee” or “licensee. When it comes to transferring … Read more

International Commercial Arbitration: An Overview

Introduction Overburdened legal systems and complex and specialised disputes require the mechanism of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”). Arbitration is one such mechanism in ADR. For this, India enacted the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (“Act”) that strengthens the arbitration procedure and process in India. JOIN OUR 6-WEEKS COURSE ON ARBITRATION LAW & PRACTICE LED BY … Read more

Women’s Reservation Bill, 2023: All you need to Know!

The Parliament of India has recently passed the historic women’s reservation bill unanimously. The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Amendment) Bill 2023 or the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam aims to increase women’s participation in the political sphere. The Women’s Reservation Bill is the first legislation to be cleared by both Houses in the new Parliament … Read more

Equity issuance and various equity instruments

This blog post is written by Ms. Ritu Sajnani, Senior Legal Counsel, Coinswitch, Ex-AZB & Partners and Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. Securities and their Issuance – Equity Companies registered under the Companies Act, 2013 (“CA 2013”) have the choice to periodically meet their capital requirements by issuing a variety of instruments to their investors. “Securities” is … Read more

Mergers and Acquisitions in India

This blog post is written by Mr. Badarinath CH, 4th year law student at Karnataka State Law University.  Introduction: “When the wind of change blows, some build walls while the others build windmills” is the statement which is suitable for India as it has become a hub for rampant economic growth while the developed are … Read more

Top M&A Deals of 2022

This blog is written by Aishwarya Deshpande, LLM Student at Jindal Global Law School. She was a participant of our Mergers & Acquisitions Course. TOP MERGER DEALS OF 2022 L&T AND MINDTREE – NCLT gave its permission for the merger of IT services companies L&T Infotech and Mindtree. The National Company Law Tribunal’s (NCLT) Mumbai … Read more

Deal Cycle of an M&A Transaction

This blog is written by Taniya Shah, LLM Student at Jindal Global Law School. She was a participant of our Mergers & Acquisitions Course. WHAT ARE MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS (M&A)? Tracing back to history, most Mergers and Acquisitions have taken place as a result of Economic Factors such as GDP growth, interest rates, and monetary … Read more

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