AOR Exam -16

Curriculum developed & taught by AORs & Senior Advocates

Bettering Results offers an AOR exam preparation course crafted by experienced professionals who have excelled in this exam. The curriculum covers substantive law, procedures, and case law analysis, mirroring the actual exam. Taught by AOR instructors with first-hand experience, the course provides valuable insights for comprehensive preparation and also developing Supreme Court Practice.

One-on-One Mentorship

Bettering Results AOR preparation course offers unique one-on-one mentorship in the live sessions with AOR instructors. Each participant receives guidance, feedback, and support to address individual strengths and weaknesses. This fosters a conducive learning environment, promoting a deeper understanding of the material and enhancing overall readiness for the AOR exam.

Application via Case Studies and Practice Exercises

Instructors integrate real-world case studies and practical exercises, fostering critical analytical and problem-solving skills essential for AOR exam success. This practical focus enhances understanding of legal concepts and prepares participants to handle complex scenarios in the exam.

Exclusive Live Guest Lectures

Harin P. Raval
Senior Advocate
Supreme Court & Former
Additional Solicitor General

Amit Anand Tiwari
Senior Advocate, Supreme Court
Additional Advocate General, Tamil Nadu

Kanu Agarwal
Additional Advocate General, J&K
(Rank 2, AOR Exam 2021)

Course on AoR Exam & Supreme Court Practice​

In the legal realm of India, the role of an Advocate-on-Record (AOR) embodies the essence of the quote, “It is better to be unique than to be best” by Justice AK Sikri. Being an AOR in India is like standing out in a crowd rather than just trying to be the best. It’s not just about being a good lawyer; it’s about meeting special requirements and passing tough exams set by the Supreme Court. 


  • An AOR, as per Order IV of Supreme Court Rules, is authorized to plead for clients in the Supreme Court.
  • Filing cases before the Supreme Court is exclusively within the purview of AORs.
  • AORs constitute a group of lawyers primarily practicing before the Supreme Court.
  • The selection of AORs, done by the Supreme Court itself, ensures that qualified lawyers can represent litigants in the court of last resort.
  • Upon becoming an AOR, one gains the unique privilege of directly filing and arguing cases in the Supreme Court.
  • This privilege is not solely based on overall excellence but specifically on possessing a skill set tailored for the intricate procedures of the highest court in the country.

In the 2023 AOR exam in India, a total of 815 candidates strived for success, and out of them, 198 advocates successfully cleared the examination. The fact that approximately 150-200 lawyers typically clear the AOR exam each time emphasizes the selectivity and competitive nature of the process.

To help you overcome challenges and set the stage for a successful career by clearing the AOR exam, Bettering Results (BR) presents the Advocate-On-Record Examination and Supreme Court Practice Course!

Taught and Instructed by Advocates-on-Record, Supreme Court and Expert Legal Practitioners, this 12 Weeks Course will equip you with both theoretical knowledge and practical aspects concerning the AOR Exam & Supreme Court Practice. 

The course highlights include in-depth drafting sessions covering various legal documents, as well as detailed discussions on the leading case laws anticipated in the AOR examination, among other topics.

The 12 Weeks Batch starts from March 16, 2024, with live sessions only on weekends i.e. Saturday & Sunday.

You will have the opportunity to learn LIVE with these experts and solve all your queries. Along with that, you will have access to recordings of live sessions, practice exercises, career guidance sessions, and so much more.

In the past, Bettering Results has taught more than 16,000 practicing advocates, law students, IAS Officers, in-house counsels, CA, CS, etc. with our practical legal training courses and workshops and helped them achieve excellence. Bettering Results has also forged partnerships with prominent institutions/companies such as LBSNAA, Mussoorie (IAS Training Academy), Government of India, NLSIU, Bangalore, CNLU, Patna, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Thermax Limited, Manupatra, VIPS Delhi, among others.

After the course, mock tests will be given to our learners, based on the same pattern as that of the AOR examination. These practice papers will undergo evaluation by experienced AORs, and comprehensive feedback will be provided to assist you in enhancing your performance and skills.

AORs as Instructors

Aditya Jain
Advocate on Record
Supreme Court

Disha Singh
Advocate on Record
Supreme Court

Niti Richhariya
Advocate on Record
Supreme Court

Siddarth Agarwal
Advocate on Record
Supreme Court

Why Bettering Results?

Trusted by 16,000+ Practicing Advocates, In-House Counsels, Law Students, CA, CS etc.

Engaged for practical legal training by LBSNAA (IAS Training Academy), PowerGrid Corporation of India Ltd., Ministry of Power, ADR Board, NLSIU, Bangalore etc.

Onboarded 100+ Senior Advocates, Partners from Top Law Firms, Ex-Judges, Advocate on Record to deliver practical legal training.

Conducted more than 40 courses on varied areas including Civil Litigation, Contract Drafting, Arbitration etc.

Who is this Course for?

  • Advocates who have practiced for more than 4 years and who aspire to become an AOR.
  • Advocates who have an interest in Supreme Court Practice and Procedures.
  • Mediators, Arbitrators, or Individuals involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) who want a comprehensive understanding of the Supreme Court Practice and Procedures.
  • Anybody interested in knowing and learning about the Drafting of Supreme Court Documents and learning its Practice and Procedures.

How this Course Functions?

  • Weekend Sessions only and manageable with practice, job, exams, etc.
  • Live and Interactive sessions with experts to provide a conducive classroom environment
  • Career Guidance for becoming an AOR
  • Practice Exercises & Expert Feedback

Benefits & Bonus

Live Sessions Recording Accessible for 5 years

In-depth Hard Copy Reading Material by Courier & Excellent Drafts

Free Access to 2 Certificate Courses of choice on any Practice Area of Law Worth more than INR 15k

1 Month Free Access to Database worth INR 15K

DURATION: 12 Weeks starting from March 16, 2024

    What will be taught in this Course?

    • Introduction to AOR exam
    • Syllabus, Pattern, Eligibility, etc.
    • Tips for Preparation
    • Pathway for building Supreme Court Practice
    • Article 32, (Writs) read with Order 38 Supreme Court Rules, 2013 (SCR), Article 131 (Original Suits) read with Order 25-27
    • Article 71 – Election disputes of President and Vice President read with Order 46 Article 11(6) – Appointment of an Arbitrator
    • Article 129 – Contempt
    • Transfer of cases – 
      • Article 139A read with Order 40
      • Section 25 CPC read with Order 41
      • Section 406 CrPC read with Order 39
    • Article 132 – Constitutional Appeal 
    • Article 133, read with Order 19 – Civil Appeal 
    • Article 134, read with Order 20 – Criminal Appeal 
    • Article 136 – Special Leave Petition of two types – 
      • Civil – Order 21
      • Criminal – Order 22
    • Statutory Appeal
    • Article 142 read with Order 42 – by President 
    • Article 317 read with Order 43 – by President / Governor
    • Order 44 – Removal of member of central government / statutory tribunal 
    • Section 257, IT Act read with Order 45 – ITAT (direct reference of a question of law to SC on an application, if conflict in decision of HC) 
    • Article 137, read with Order 47 – Review
    • Order 48 – Curative Petition (Rupa Hurra v. Ashok Hurra) 
    • SCR – ancillary provisions
    • Limitation Act,1963 and Court Fees Act,1870
    • Discussion on Previous Year Question Papers
    • Basics of Drafting  
    • Drafting Principles
    • Discussion on Drafting Different petitions, applications, etc. (E.g.: SLP, Writ Petition, PIL, Review Petition, Curative Petition, etc and many more)

    These sessions will include drafting of Major and Minor Drafts such as SLP, Writ Petition, PIL, Review Petition, Curative Petition, Certificate to be accompanied in SLP, Curative Petition, etc., Statement of Case, Application for Directions/Exemption from Surrendering/Discharge in a Case, Condonation of Delay, Bringing Legal Representatives on Record, Setting aside Abatement etc. and many more

    • These sessions will have live drafting exercises allowing the participants to practice what they have learnt in the drafting sessions and also get expert feedback for better performance in the exam.
    • The aim is to provide learners with valuable experience in handling the pressures associated with the AOR examination. 
    • At the same time, these sessions will help you get better at managing your time efficiently for the AOR examination.
    • Conduct of Advocate, Punishment for Misconduct, Original & Appellate Jurisdiction, Burden of Proof, Review of Orders, etc.
    • Case Studies
    • Duty to Court
    • Duty to Client
    • Duty to Opponent
    • Duty to Colleagues
    • Duty in Imparting Training
    • Duty to Render Legal Aid
    • Restriction on Other Employment
    • Relevant Case Studies
    • Duty towards Clients vs. Duty towards Court
    • Important aspects of Order IV- Advocates
    • Relevant Case Studies
    • Contempt of Courts Act, 1971(Difference between Professional Misconduct and Contempt of Court)
    • Attorney-Client Privilege (Sections 126-128 of Indian Evidence Act,1872)
    • Role of Amicus Curiae 
    • Duties of AORs (Abstention from Name Lending Practice)
    • Allegation against Court/Registry
    • Solicitation and advertisement by Advocates – 2008 amendment to Rule 36 of BCI Rules
    • Role of Advocates in Adversarial System v. Inquisitorial System
    • Concept of Morality and Professional Ethics
    • Advocate to not act as “mouthpiece” of his client
    • Conduct of an Advocate regarding sub-judice matters (such as giving an opinionated interview – good or bad/ allowed or not allowed?)
    • Latest legal developments affecting Advocates’ practice in India – BCI Rules 2022 allowing registration of Foreign Lawyers/Law Firms, Advocates (Amendment) Act, 2023
    • 7 Lamps of Advocacy
    • Role of an Advocate in Mediation & Conciliation
    • Foreign Lawyers and Law Firms in India (Impact on Advocates)
    • Strikes by Advocates
    • Leading cases will be taught in Live Sessions as per the notification released by the Supreme Court.
    • Important aspects of leading cases will be highlighted in the live sessions for the exam.
    • The cases will be categorized under different laws such as criminal law, civil law, constitutional, etc., for our learners’ better understanding.

    Few Practitioners who have attended Our Courses

    Neeraj Kumar Verma
    Advocate on Record
    Supreme Court
    Abhimanyu Tewari
    Advocate on Record
    Supreme Court
    Avni Shrivastav
    Senior Associate
    Khaitan & Co.
    Aushi Sarangi
    Deputy Manager
    National E Governance Services Ltd.
    Sneha Herwade
    Independent Practitioner
    EX- Principal Associate, TMT Law Practice

    Challenges to become an AOR

    What sets the AOR examination process apart is that there are no fixed seats; anyone meeting the criteria and successfully clearing the exam can attain this position. In contrast to certain government exams with limited seats, the AOR exam does not impose such constraints. Despite this open opportunity, the low number of AORs can be attributed to several factors:

    • Firstly, there is a lack of sufficient attention and recognition given to this prestigious post.
    • Additionally, aspiring lawyers may lack a proper roadmap and guidance, finding themselves entangled in the complexities of litigation without a clear path towards becoming an AOR.
    • The absence of expert guidance, both in terms of course preparation and mentorship on relevant subjects, contributes to the scarcity of professionals holding this esteemed designation.
    • Moreover, the challenge of time management and the inability to allocate sufficient time for exam preparation further hinder the realization of more AORs in the legal landscape.

    Benefits of Clearing AOR Exam

    Despite the numerous challenges, there are plenty of perks to this exam. The exam is tough but not impossible. Here are a few benefits of clearing the AOR exam:

    • Social Respect and Status: Earning the designation of an AOR brings with it a heightened level of social respect and status. AORs are often recognized and esteemed within legal circles and the broader community for their specialized knowledge and contribution to the legal field.

    • Practice in the Supreme Court: Becoming an AOR grants the opportunity to directly practice in the Supreme Court of India, presenting cases and arguments at the highest judicial level.

    • Legal Consultancy: AORs are often sought after for legal consultancy services, providing advice and expertise on matters that may escalate to the Supreme Court or involve legal intricacies.

    • Legal Representation: It is only through AORs that clients can be represented at the highest court of the country in a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, constitutional, and administrative matters, offering a broad scope for legal practice.

    • Advocacy in Public Interest Cases: AORs have the platform to engage in public interest litigation, contributing to societal welfare and bringing about legal reforms through impactful cases.

    • Opportunity for Judicial Positions: The experience and expertise gained as an AOR can be a stepping stone for judicial appointments, opening avenues for positions such as judgeships in High courts or even the Supreme Court.

    • Legal Academia: AORs often contribute to legal academia by teaching, conducting workshops, and writing legal publications, thereby influencing the next generation of legal professionals.

    • Financial Earnings: Beyond the intrinsic rewards, clearing the AOR exam opens doors to increased financial opportunities. AORs often command higher fees for their specialized services, contributing to a potentially more lucrative legal practice compared to general practitioners.

    • Continued Professional Development: AORs are encouraged to engage in continuous learning and professional development, staying updated on legal developments and expanding their knowledge base.

    Exam Pattern & Syllabus



    Total number of Papers


    Time Duration

    3 hours for each paper



    Type of Questions


    Total Marks

    100 marks each



    Passing Marks

    An advocate needs to score at least 60% i.e. a minimum of 240 marks out of 400 with at least 50% in each subject in a three-hour exam.

    Total number of Attempts


    People we have trained work at following law firms & companies:​

    Testimonials from BR Learners

    Neha Sharma, Manager, Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd.

    “FinTech being an emerging sector of law, it was necessary to remain updated with the provisions relating. It was a great opportunity for me to join the course and learn insights from our renowned seniors.

    I deal in matters relating to companies law and have an experience of more than 5 years in placing matters before the Hon’ble Tribunal. Now that I am well versed with the FinTech laws, this has given me confidence to deal with complex matters which involves categories like blockchain and crypto.”

    Aniket Singh Das, Legal Associate, Chamber of Sh. Ravindra Shrivastava, Sr. Advocate at the Supreme Court of India

    “Had a very knowledgeable experience. I got to learn about different facets of Arbitration and the methods to deal with Arbitration proceedings at different stages.”

    Mohit Bidhuri, Advocate, Supreme Court

    “I really loved this course, it is different from other courses online offered by various institutes and far superior and practical in terms of learning.”

    Somya Rathore, Independent Practitioner, Dispute Resolution and Commercial Contract Drafting

    “Great and insightful sessions covered by industry experts!”

    H. LUCIA PRIYADARSHINI, Advocate, High Court of Madras

    “The Course was very informative and the way the sessions were organized were really good. The speakers brought in were equally good and learned many things. Will surely look forward to join another course to be conducted by Bettering Results.”

    Sarthak Mishra, Associate, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

    “This course was really well organised and well designed. What stood out was the value it delivered at such an economical pricing point, similar courses/conferences cost 10x more especially with the line-up of speakers we had. The moderator – speaker model was also quite intuitive and all important topics were covered by the speakers. I’m actually looking forward to courses like these organised in the future.”

    Sanya Arora, Senior Associate, India Law Partners

    “Thank you Clarence Andre Anthony, Abe Abrahamand Shivani Chugh for candidly sharing your insights and experiences that helped me carve a nuanced approach to the art of contract drafting and negotiations.

    Thank you Bettering Results (BR) for creating a platform that enabled such an interaction.”

    Ishita Tiwari, Associate, SirionLabs

    “The Course Content was very informative and the instructors really explained the reasoning part behind clauses and in general to a great extent. The assignment too was very insightful and I learned a lot while drafting the assignment.”

    Anand Narayan, Legal Manager, Aditya Birla Group

    “The lectures were good. The assignment was interesting. Kudos to Varsha and Team”

    Shrishti Magdum, 5th Year Law Student, Jindal Global Law School

    “The program significantly enhanced my drafting skills, enabling me to understand clearly the requirements for legally sound contracts. Moreover, the focus and interaction with partners and legal professional has empowered me to secure favorable terms, fostering positive relationships and optimizing outcomes for my career starting out as a lawyer graduating university.

    Additionally, the program has sharpened my ability to communicate legal concepts with clarity, facilitating smoother and succint interactions.”

    Rupali Goyal, Associate, Indirect Tax, BDO India

    “It was a great experience in learning from such an accomplished faculty.”

    Arvind Srinivasan, Advocate

    Thanks to Bettering Results (BR) for arranging this unique course where modules are taught by senior associates from some of the best law firms in India.”

    Megha Sharma, Legal Counsel, Unified Credit Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    “The course provided a good insight of the subject and was a great learning experience.”

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