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Anuj Aggarwal
Advocate & Additional Standing Counsel for Delhi Police & GNCTD

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Hima Lawrence
Advocate on Record

Supreme Court of India

Attorney (India & New York)
Shriya Maini
Advocate on Record

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BCL (Oxon) & Salve Scholar
Swarnendu Chatterjee
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Disha Singh
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Supreme Court of India

Civil litigation is the cornerstone of legal proceedings involving disputes between individuals, corporations, or other entities seeking resolution through the judicial system yet our Civil Laws are viewed just as a matter of routine, thus, one avoids or runs away from understanding the very essence of the Civil Side of the Law, or the ambits of Civil Lawyering. 

Do you know that a successful law practice requires three essentials: thorough knowledge and interpretation of laws, good oratory skills, and excellent drafting skills?

Pleading, drafting, and conveyancing are the backbones of Civil Litigation and are quintessential for all legal professionals.

Are you planning to be a seasoned Civil Litigation Lawyer? 

To excel as a civil lawyer, one must acquire a comprehensive foundation, encompassing tasks such as drafting plaints, preparing written statements, submitting numerous applications, and mastering the art of cross-examination. The drafting and filing of a diverse array of applications constitute additional essential skills to be acquired in this field.

This Comprehensive Course is meticulously structured to offer an in-depth exploration of civil litigation drafting, providing a roadmap for understanding, navigating, and excelling in the multifaceted terrain of legal dispute resolution.

This course is a foundational guide for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the procedural, strategic, and ethical dimensions inherent in civil litigation. With a focus on practical applications including drafting of pleadings, participants will gain a holistic perspective on the intricacies of civil litigation proficiently.

To help you build a solid career and ace the field of Civil Litigation, Bettering Results (BR) brings to you a Civil Litigation Course and Mentorship Program!

Taught and Instructed by Advocates-on-Record (AoR), Supreme Court, Veteran Legal Professionals, and Expert Legal Practitioners, with more than decades of experience in the field, this 8 Weeks Course on Civil Litigation Practice & Drafting will equip you with both theoretical knowledge and practical aspects concerning Civil Litigation.

The next batch starts from June 15, 2024 with live sessions only on weekends i.e. Saturday & Sunday.

You will have the opportunity to learn LIVE with these experts and solve all your queries. Along with that, you will have access to recordings of live sessions, practice exercises, career guidance sessions, internship opportunities and so much more. 

In the past, Bettering Results has taught more than 16,000 practicing advocates, law students, IAS Officers, in-house counsels, CA, CS etc. with our practical legal training courses & workshops. Bettering Results recently forged partnerships with prominent institutions/companies such as LBSNAA, Mussoorie (IAS Training Academy), Government of India, NLSIU, Bangalore, CNLU, Patna, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Thermax Limited, Manupatra, VIPS Delhi, among others. 

At the end of this course, you will also be given practical exercises on drafting of Plaint, Written Statement, Affidavit along with various different applications so that you can implement the learnings through this course and become better at drafting.

These assignments will be evaluated by Expert Legal Practitioners and detailed feedback will be provided to help you improve. 

Join us now to grow or kickstart your Civil Litigation Practice.

Module 1:

Important Terms and Concepts of Civil Litigation

    • Hierarchy of Courts 
    • Stages of Civil Litigation
    • Res Judicata and Res Subjudice
    • Reference, Review and Revision
    • Adjournment
    • Cause List
    • Caveat
    • Court Fees
    • Local Commissioner 
    • Receiver 
    • Summons
    • Vakalatnama
Module 2 & 3:

How to draft a Plaint?

  • Check list
  • Case Information Format
  • Essentials of Plaint
  • Drafting Exercise
Module 4 & 5:

How to draft a Written Statement?

  • Preliminary Objections
  • Preliminary Submissions
  • Paragraph Wise Reply on Merits
  • Condonation of Delay
  • Rejection of Plaint Order 7 Rule 11 CPC
  • Denial to be Specific
  • Evasive Denial
  • Set-off and Counterclaim
  • Prayer Clause
  • Verification
  • Affidavit
Module 6:

How to draft a Replication/Rejoinder?

Module 7:

Drafting of Legal Notice 

Module 8:

How to draft Section 151 CPC Applications?

Module 9:

Amendment of Pleadings

  • Application under Order 6 Rule 17 CPC
  • Drafting of Application
  • Guidelines related to amendment of pleadings
Module 10:

Consequence of Non- Appearance of Parties & Relevant Applications

  • Application under Order 9 Rule 7 CPC
  • Application under Order 9 Rule 9 CPC
  • Remedies against Ex-Parte Decree
  • Application under Order 9 Rule 13
  • Appeal u/s 96(2) CPC
  • Review- Order 47 Rule 1 CPC 
Module 11:

Electronic Evidence u/s 65B of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872

  • Admissibility of Electronic Records- Section 65B 
  • Admissibility of WhatsApp chats
  • Case studies
Module 12:

Privileged Communications under the Indian Evidence Act, 1872

Module 13:

How to find the Relevant Judgments?

  • Using search engines like Manupatra, SCC etc.

  • Per Incuriam, Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dictum

Module 14:

Drafting of Miscellaneous Applications

  • Judgment on Admission – Order 12 Rule 6 CPC
  • Application for Leave to Defend- Order 37 Rule 3 CPC
  • Application for Temporary,Permanent and Mandatory Injunctions – Order 39 Rule 1 & 2 CPC
Module 15:

Hearings and Final Arguments including Art of Cross Examination, Oral & Written Submissions

  • Art of Cross-Examination
  • What questions to be asked
  • What questions need not be asked
  • Oral and Written Submission
  • Lawyer’s argumentation skills
  • Judgment and Decree
Module 16:

Execution Proceedings- Order 21 including drafting of Execution Application

Module 17:

Court Etiquette and Other Important Things for successful practice

Module 18:


First Appeal

  • Memorandum of Appeal
  • Stay of Proceedings and Execution
  • Procedure on Hearing 
  • Remand of Case by Appellate Court
  • Production of Additional Evidence
  • Power of Court of Appeal

    Second Appeal
  • Formulation of Substantial Question of Law
  • Power of High Court to determine Issue of Fact
Module 19:

Career Guidance Session

DURATION: 8 Weeks starting from June 15, 2024


  1. Undergraduate or Postgraduate law students who want to specialise in Civil Litigation.
  2. Freshly graduated lawyers who have an interest in Civil Litigation.
  3. Advocates already practicing Civil Litigation to further their understanding of practical aspects and grow practice.
  4. Mediators, Arbitrators, or Individuals involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) who want a comprehensive understanding of the litigation process.
  5. Judicial and Other Government exam aspirants who want to understand the nuances of Civil Litigation for their better understanding of the concepts.
  6. Individuals from related legal fields (such as corporate law, real estate law, etc.) who want to broaden their skill set or knowledge base in Civil Law.
  7. Anybody interested in knowing and learning about Civil Litigation.


  1. Weekend Live Sessions ONLY and manageable with practice, job, college internship, exams etc.
  2. Live and Interactive Sessions with Experts to provide a conducive classroom environment
  3. Certificate on Completion of Course
  4. Career Guidance from the Experts & CV building guidance
  5. Live Sessions Recording accessible for 2 Years
  6. Reading Material
  7. Assignments and Feedback for the practical application of the learning
  8. Internship Recommendation to the Top Performers 
  9. Access to Excellent Drafts on the topics covered in the session


Neeraj Kumar Verma
Advocate on Record
Supreme Court
Abhimanyu Tewari
Advocate on Record
Supreme Court
Avni Shrivastav
Senior Associate
Khaitan & Co.
Aushi Sarangi
Deputy Manager
National E Governance Services Ltd.
Sneha Herwade
Independent Practitioner
EX- Principal Associate, TMT Law Practice

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    Testimonials from BR Learners on Civil Litigation & Other Courses

    Kushagra Singh, Advocate

    “I recently had the opportunity to undertake the Civil Litigation Practice & Drafting Course, and I must say it was an enriching experience. This course not only equipped me with practical skills but also deepened my understanding of civil litigation and drafting techniques. One of the standout aspects of the course was the calibre of instructors. Renowned professionals in the field of law imparted their knowledge, offering insights and expertise that were invaluable. Their real-world experience brought the subject matter to life, making complex legal concepts easier to grasp. I feel more confident in my abilities as a legal practitioner, thanks to the invaluable insights gained through this program. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their skills in civil litigation and drafting.”

    Harsh Malhotra, Advocate, Bombay High Court

    “Excellent Course with Great Faculty! I want to record my deep appreciation for Adv Anuj Agarwal for teaching nuances in a detailed and patient manner. To me, he is a ROCK STAR in teaching LAW!”

    Reyhan Sujith, Law Student, Christ University, Bangalore

    “The courses were very informative and took an approach from the very fundamentals.”

    Dilshad Choudhary, Law Student, Lloyd Law College, Noida

    “The Civil Litigation Practice & Drafting course provided comprehensive and relevant content, covering essential topics such as pleadings, motions, discovery, trial preparation, and post-trial procedures. The instructors were highly effective, delivering clear explanations and relevant examples that facilitated understanding of complex legal concepts. Practical application was emphasized through drafting exercises and mock trials, which proved invaluable in honing skills for real-world scenarios. Feedback from instructors and peers was instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and refining drafting and litigation abilities. The course materials, including textbooks, sample documents, and online resources, were useful and comprehensive, supplementing the learning experience effectively. Technology integration was seamless, enhancing learning through online research tools and virtual case management systems. The course fostered an engaging learning environment with ample opportunities for discussions and interactive exercises. Assessment methods were varied and effectively measured comprehension and skill development. Overall, the course provided a highly positive and enriching experience, exceeding expectations and equipping students with practical insights for future legal practice.”

    H. Lucia Priyadarshini, Advocate, Madras High Court

    “The Course was very informative and the way the sessions were organized were really good. The speakers brought in were equally good and learned many things. Will surely look forward to join another course to be conducted by Bettering Results.”

    Mohit Bidhuri, Advocate, Supreme Court

    “I really loved this course, it is different from other courses online offered by various institutes and far superior and practical in terms of learning.”

    Adhityaa Vishal, Associate, ALMT Legal

    “I had the opportunity to interact and learn from leading M&A lawyers in the field such as Aditya Prasad sir, Shourya Sengupta sir, Anish Jaipuriar sir, Paridhi Adani ma’am, Ritu Sajnani ma’am, Clarence Andre Anthony sir, Akshay Pathak sir and Siddharth Marwah sir amongst various others. It was a privilege to have learnt from such Eminent Individuals and overall, a great experience.”

    Jayesh Borele, Associate, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

    “Got to learn the practical insists on critical aspects of M&A, understood complex transactions through various case studies, drafted transaction documents, interacted with the imminent lawyers of M&A teams of renowned law firms, networked and build life long memories and connections. I could actually relate the presentation of the sessions with actual work we do in practise. I would definitely recommend all the peers looking to excel in their M&A career to join this course.  This would definitely help you in setting up your foundations in the M&A space.”

    Amisha Kamane, Student at MNLU, Nagpur

    “The highlight of the course for me was the live sessions on M&A which were administered by M&A Experts such as Ms. Paridhi Adani, Mr. Shashank Vikram Singh, Ms. Deepti Sarma, Mr. Siddharth Marwah, Mr. Gaurav Mistry, Mr. Akshay Pathak, Mr. Anish Jaipuriar, Mr. Rahul Satyan and Mr. Binoy Parikh. What was also extremely helpful were the live career guidence sessions that were part of the Course, which undoubtedly made all the difference for me.

    Through the course, I learnt the basics of M&A, including it’s stages and the intricacies of Term Sheets, Due Diligence Reports, Negotiations and Transaction Documents. The Course also covered essentials of Joint Ventures and Tax intricacies in M&A, all of which was very practically laid out and explained. I would like to thank the mentors for their unmatched guidance.

    I would also especially like to thank Varsha Gupta Ma’am, who’s an inspiration herself and the entire Bettering Results (BR) team for organising this session which was very proactive and beginner friendly which most other courses out there are not. This course has definitely added to my knowledge and I can’t wait to further explore M&A and take the learnings from this course forward in my career.

    Vivek Narang, Senior Associate, AZB & Partners

    “I really liked the course and it gives a good kick start for someone who wants to work in the M&A space.”

    Ayush Tiwari, Student at BMS, College of Law, Bangalore

    “I really liked the course and it gives a good kick start for someone who wants to work in the M&A space.”

    Nandini Bimbraw, Associate, Trilegal

    “The course was comprehensive and covered basic concepts, principles and stages of M&A. Exclusive sessions were held on Term Sheets and DD Report, Negotiations, Joint Ventures, Competition law and employment and taxation issues related to M&A.

    Despite having internships and even having exams in the past month, I was able to complete the course because of the recorded lectures, which was a major advantage of the course. The career guidance sessions at the end of the course were very insightful as the mentors shared their professional experiences.”

    Taniya Shah, LLM Student at Jindal Global Law School & Currently Associate at Clove Legal

    “It has indeed been an insightful journey and the credit goes to none other than the wonderful learned lawyers from esteemed law firms of the country.

    I also was able to secure an internship in tier 1 law firm as I was amongst the top performers of the batch. Also, my blog got selected for publication on BR Blog. I highly recommend this course for those who wish to see themselves as successful M&A lawyers in mere future.”

    Kartik Singh, Student at NLU Odisha & Incoming Associate at Trilegal

    “The course, taught by some of the best legal minds in the country, helped me to understand different aspects of M&A and learn from their experiences in the said field.”

    Jay Shah, Associate (M&A), Spice Route Legal

    “I have been very pleased with the way this mentorship program was conducted and I feel that I benefited greatly from being one of its students. The learnings from this program have further strengthened my grasp on fundamentals of M&A and contributed immensely to the way I perform tasks at my internships. I can vouch that the offerings from this program are different from any other program out there.”

    Shreya Joshi, Associate Consultant, KPMG, India

    “I feel enrolling for the Mentorship program of M&A by Bettering Results (BR) was one of the wisest decision I made, why I primarily chose to enrol was because of the faculties as they were all practicing lawyers and are renowned in their respective fields, the kind of knowledge the mentors imparted apart from conceptual learning’s was from their personal experiences I can remember every single mentor saying that “We did this while handling this transaction” or “this is what happened with us” which was exceptional and was very intriguing.”

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