Capital Markets & Securities Law Course

Capital Markets & Securities Law Course

11 Lessons     367 Days     Recorded Video
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Capital Markets & Securities Law is a complex practice area that involves advising companies and investors on various aspects of securities offerings and trading, including compliance with regulatory requirements and disclosure obligations. 

The Indian Capital market has grown significantly in recent years, providing opportunities for lawyers to work on a wide range of transactions and advise clients on a variety of legal issues. It can be a challenging but rewarding field for legal professionals to build a career in.

Going public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a significant milestone for a company and its investors. It allows the company to raise capital by selling shares to the public and enables investors to potentially see significant returns on their investments. However, the process of going public is complex and requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Companies typically spend between one to two years preparing for an IPO, as it requires a significant amount of internal changes, financial and legal compliance, and documentation. The company needs to transform itself to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of being a public company and also to attract investors. Additionally, the company may need to hire underwriters, legal and accounting firms, and other professional services to help navigate the process.

To ensure that your career path is focused and to empower you with the practical experience that you need in capital markets, Bettering Results (BR) is introducing a comprehensive and well-structured Certificate Course on Capital Markets and Securities Laws.

This course is tailored to provide you with a basic understanding of how the capital markets industry is structured, the applicable laws, how each constituent contributes to maintaining smooth, functioning financial markets, and a keen idea of what field you may be best suited to pursue opportunities in. You will be getting practical insights from professionals already working in capital markets teams of top law firms.

Whether you are a law student, practising advocate, in-house counsel, CA, CS, or compliance officer working or planning to work on capital markets matters, this course will allow you to get an extensive lay of the land so that you have a roadmap for your career pursuits.

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The course structure was designed very properly and organized in chronological order. I like one thing mainly: the bettering results were hardworking even on weekends and how they moderate the course very patiently. I liked the session of Sayantan Dutta Sir which was on primer-capital markets. Hope to joining more courses and extract as much knowledge as much as I can.

archismaan tyagi

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